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Week #35-22 on Patreon


29 August 2022

Colorado Four O’Clock

Another Boom Boom
pierces the afternoon haze
with something to say

Ahead of schedule for the first time feeling good. Some things are locked, some are open. Some are just around the corner lingering creepily. Mixing images to form new meanings. Playing in digital sandboxes is the fun new thing, until you get bored seeing the same derivative detritus (“Simple tools foster complex patterns of use, while complex tools…”). Is this remixing plagiarism? The 25 minute fun is real though. That matters. 3 pixels here, 25 over there, perspective shift. Carving out moments to reflect, to ponder, to putter, to stare at the ceiling and realize how many cobwebs are stuck to the mud walls. Of your mind. The rallying cry is “take me out of my comfort zone”! What is your pivotal “fuck it” moment? Does it grow stronger or weaker with age, or is it just a continual slow burn until finito?

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“Get them before they fade away” – Mixed media collage

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