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Of Wonder and Wander Posts

2022 Updates

Lots of new things in 2022! Excited to get this year of arting started!

  1. Writing weekly haibun-style on Patreon at Of Wonder and Wander. Haibun-style on Mondays, Drawing and Links on Friday. The first week of every month is open to the public. $1 subscription gets you access to every blog-style post.

  2. Experimenting with NFTS. 20″ x 20″ doodles are available and updated weekly on OpenSea and SolSea. Items that are currently available are also listed in the Shop at the link above.

  3. I’m back posting at least 2x a month on ABCSCI and also gearing up for coloring book #3 release.

More coming soon, stay tuned!

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